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Nov/Dec 2020 Book

Reading Guide:

Nov. 23:  Chapters 1-4

Nov. 30:  Chapters 5-8

Dec. 7   : Chapters 9-13

Dec. 14:  Chapters 14-18


Zoom Book Club Meeting: December 17th @ 8pm

Sept/Oct 2020 Book

Reading Guide:

October 5:     1-13

October 12:   14-26

October 19:   27-40

October 26:   41-end

Zoom Book Club Meeting: October 29th @ 8pm

Social Media Questions:

1. Chapters 1- 13: "We're ok."  Gifty uses this phrase a few times in Chapters 1-13.  Why do you think she keeps using this phrase?

2.  Chapters 1- 26: Knowing what we know so far about Gifty's mom, TBM, does her parenting style surprise you, why or why not?

3. Chapters 1- 40: Which of these would have changed Gifty's story most?

           a) The Chin Chin Man stayed in America

           b) The family lived in a more diverse community/attended diverse church

           c) Nana went to Ghana

           d) Fate is fate