Why Large Print?

Why Large Print?

When we started our business a few months ago, we had big dreams and ideas but not unlike many new business owners we had no idea where all those ideas would lead us.  We knew a few things:

  1. We wanted to amplify the voices of Black authors.
  2. We wanted to share products from Black owned businesses with you.
  3. We wanted to support organizations that were doing critical work in areas we could not go ourselves.

But a fourth purpose is slowly emerging. We are able to offer large print books.  If you are a person that has ever looked for large print books you will know how scarce they are.  So, imagine our delight each time we find a popular book by an author from the African diaspora that we can share with you- our community.

silver framed eyeglasses on a book

Why is this important to us?  We have members of our family that have impaired vision and who also love to read.  We know how important access and inclusion are.  Yes, the books cost more.  But the value is priceless. 

You may think- don’t audio books fill that void.  Yes.  They do and we are researching ways to offer audio versions.  But many of us still like to feel the pages of a book… if you know you know.

With that said, we have two new titles on our bookshelf that are the large print versions:  The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead and Homegoing By Yaa Gyasi.  And we offer large print offerings in our subscription boxes when available.  We love expanding our community and we are so excited to find multiple ways in which we can grow our Kin.

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This is wonderful! I have two cousins who are legally blind and unable to read my book! Please let me know the process so my book can be a part of this. Thank you!


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