Hey Kenola’s Community...Kenola’s family...Kenola’s friends….Kenola’s Peeps…. Kenola’s Krazy Kool Kats…

Coming up with a business idea and a name and a community is no easy task as you can imagine. In the middle of a pandemic, NYC (the original epicenter) quarantine, murder, protests, political mayhem, economic upheaval, remote teaching,  we decided to start a business.

Common sense aside… we had to do something to uplift. We had to do something to amplify.  We had to do something to bring positive vibes back.  We had to do something to lift our community.  And just like that Kenola’s Bookbag was born.  The start date?  We don’t know.  Or maybe we do.  Maybe Kenola’s Bookbag always existed in our minds and hearts waiting for the appointed time.


Photo By Matthew Henry of Burst


What we do know is that Kenola’s Bookbag is a journey for us.  We are working toward the shifting of a narrative, a de-centering of one voice and a re-focus on another.  We want our voices heard and we invite you to join us.  We welcome you.  We think you were always here with us.  We are connected.  We are kin.

Kenola’s Kin.  That’s it.  Kenola’s Kin.

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Congratulations! I’m so excited for the launch and to receive the excellent content that I’m sure is in store for members.
Best wishes to Kenola’s Bookbag. I’m truly happy to be kin.

Latrice Harris

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