The Bags

The Bags

As many of you know, Kenola’s Bookbag is based out of Brooklyn, New York.  By far, the best borough in New York City but that is not even remotely what today’s blog is about so let’s all stay focused. Travel back in time with me for a minute to a very significant day in New York history. The day is the 1st of March and the year is 2020. This day may not ring any bells at all for you even if you are a New Yorker because of all of the other things that happened after that day, but what made the day significant was that it was the first day of the plastic bag ban in New York City.

We can honestly say that we have no idea how important or unimportant plastic bags are where you are currently located or in your culture.  And although we can’t speak for everyone- plastic bags were very important in our New York/Caribbean household.  Someone from somewhere even gifted our grandmother a handmade bag that can be hung over the door- the sole purpose of this bag is to put plastic bags in for reuse. At the senior center they taught my elderly aunt an efficient method of folding plastic bags into tiny triangles to stuff them more neatly into a drawer or container.

 Please understand - we were not hoarding plastic bags- but we were using these bags for a multitude of other purposes.  Perhaps, to line small garbage cans, or put shoes in while traveling, or wet clothes, or to use as an at home hair cap for deep conditioning, or to package something to give to someone as a departure gift. 

Let me tell you this- this ban and the fact that we would be charged $0.05 for bags in stores was a top news story in New York City  NYC 311.  This story dominated the headlines for weeks before… you know… We are still shocked when we shop outside of New York and are given a plastic bag (for free!?) 

And that is one of the needs Kenola’s Bookbag was trying to fill. We recognized that although plastic bags afforded us some convenience…plastic was and is destroying our planet, our environment, our sea life and our ecosystem. Plastics and the environment We wanted to offer reusable bags to our customers that could be used in a variety of ways.  Our boxes have included travel laundry bags, shoe bags, tote bags, wine bags, bookbags, makeup bags, beach bags and tote bags.  We might need to look into the bag for bags idea…  

We still use plastic bags, but significantly less than before and just to give you an update on NYC- our new thing is paper straws. 

We hope you love our trip down memory lane as well as our bags!!!

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