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Kenola's Bookbag

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel 8 oz.

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel 8 oz.

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Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a coveted, delightful brewed, and aged beverage with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage. Made of sorrel flower, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and other spices. Our brew is the authentic taste of Caribbean sorrel- rich, sweet, spicy, full-bodied, and complex. Praised and recommended my Epicurious, Food Network, James Beard Foundation, Black-Owned Brooklyn,, and countless fans. Enjoy it solo or as a mixer!
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Black woman wearing osoasabrand sweatshirt and holding a Kenola's Bookbag  fun subscription box.

Bringing Our Focus Black

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"I got my box and I love all the stuff I got!!! The personalized note was a nice touch.  Love the packaging." - Melissa Almontero

Black woman holding a Kenola's Bookbag best subscription box on a bed with a vase of flowers next to her.

A gift with each box

"I loved my box!  I had never subscribed to a book subscription box before.  The goodies were all so good and I am almost done with the book already.  It was like getting a Christmas gift in September."- JA